Title Publication date Type
1898 Short stories
Remorse We Shall Suffer
(Det bødes der for)
1899 Novel
From the Soil - Volume 1 
(Muldskud - bind 1)
1900 Short stories
A Mother
(En moder)
1900 Novel
The Frank Family
(Familien Frank)
1901 Novel
1902 Novel
Days in the Sun 
1903 Travel book
From the Soil - Volume 2 
(Muldskud - bind 2)
1905 Short stories
Praise from the Deep 
(Af Dybets Lovsang)
1908 Short stories
Pelle the Conqueror 
(Pelle Erobreren)
1910 Novel
The Coast of Childhood 
(Barndommens Kyst)
1911 Short stories
Bornholm Stories 
(Bornholmer Noveller)
1913 Short stories
Under the Blue Sky 
(Under Himmelen den blaa)
1915 Short stories
The People at Dangaard 
(Folkene på Dangaarden)
1915 Play
Deep-sea Fish 
1918 Short stories
On the Way 
1919 Short stories
Ditte Everywoman 
(Ditte Menneskebarn)
1921 Novel
The Empty Seats’ Passengers 
(De tomme Pladsers Passagerer)
1921 Essays and short stories
From the Soil - Volumes 1–3. 2nd expanded edition 
(Muldskud - Bind 1-3. 2. forøgede udgave)
1922-29 Short stories
Toward the Dawn 
(Mod Dagningen. Skildringer fra Rusland)
1923 Travel book
1926 Poetry
In God’s Land 
(Midt i en Jærntid)
1929 Novel
The Black Birds 
(De sorte Fugle)
1930 Short stories
A Little Crow, Under the Open Sky, For Lye and Cold Water and The End of the Road 
(Et lille Kræ, Under aaben Himmel, For Lud og Koldt Vand og Vejs Ende)
1932-39 Memoirs
Two Worlds: Thoughts and Impressions from a Russia Trip 
(To Verdener: Tanker og Indtryk fra en Ruslandsrejse)
1934 Travel book
Toward the Light: A Handful of Adventures and Parables 
(Mod Lyset: En Haandfuld Æventyr og Lignelser)
1938 Short stories
A Confession
 (Et Skriftemaal)
1946 Short stories
Morten the Red 
(Morten hin Røde)
1947 Novel
The Lost Generation 
(Den tabte Generation)
1948 Novel
Youth and Other Tales 
(Ungdom og andre fortællinger)
Gyldendal, 1954.  
1957 Novel. Published posthumously.
The Migratory Birds 
  Private publication, 2008
  Private publication, 2009

Other texts by Martin Andersen Nexø

Letters to a Countryman. Nordiske Landes Bogforlag, 1945. (91.93)
Among Spanish Farm Workers. 1946. Article. Land & Folk, 1946-04-11.
Guiding Principles of the People: Some Thoughts on The Communist Manifesto’s Centenery. 1947. Article. Tiden, issue 8, 1947.
Speeches and Articles. 1954-55. Udg. af Børge Houmann. Volumes 1-3.
Marriage and Free Love. 1906. Speech. Ed. with afterword by Børge Houmann. Forlaget Sirius, 1966.
Letters. Selected and with comments by Børge Houmann.  Volumes 1-3. 1972.
Spain. 1975.
Travels in the South: A Selection of Travel Letters. 1979.
The Path to the Light: Selected Short Stories and Articles. Ed. Jørgen Aabenhus.
What I Expect of the Future. Foreword by Børge Houmann.. 1985.
Reminiscences. Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab, Borgen, 1999. Text editing, afterword and notes by Henrik Yde. 2 volumes.

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